I suppose I had better begin by explaining why we have a Japanese word as the title of a site that is entirely in English. A tsundoku (積ん読) is a Japanese pun which is used to describe what happens when a person has so many unread books that they begin to pile up, and encroach on such intimacies as desk and hard drive space. In a effort to help you, the readers, to save time in reducing the size of your piles, and to limit the number of deaths caused by random avalanches, we have decided to provide our opinions of books. We will tell you which books we think you should definitely be reading, and which we think are simply not worth your trouble. In our posts, we will try our best to be critical while remaining fair, and do our best to have some fun. We all really love reading, and the most important thing to us is that we do our part to keep you guys reading awesome books.