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The Tsundoku Scale
Imagine you had 10 books in a pile. Which would you put first to be graced by the sun and your own excited hands, eager to pick it up and read it? And which, would you designate to the netherlands of dust, candy bar wrappers, and dead, dried out cockroaches?

Top of the Pile: The cream of the crop, the books that bring a smile to your face just mentioning them. The books you can’t stop talking about, writing about, or dreaming about, to the point where your significant other begins to wonder if you’re cheating on him or her. Ratings: 7-10
Middle of the Pile: The book that is perpetually on your reading list, but maybe you don’t always get to. A book that is satisfying, but not life changing–the ordinary joe of books that is always nice to have around. Ratings: 4-6
Bottom of the Pile: The book that you won at the ‘Secret Santa’ at work that feels more like a bag of coals than a present. The book that keeps you up in a cold sweat at night thinking how could I have ever read such garbage. Ratings: 1-3