The Tsundoku Team

So yeah there are four of us.  Coming from the same family, with the same love of books, we happily bring you Tsundoku Reviews: Book Reviews You Actually Want to Read.

Matthew is from Brooklyn, NY.  He’s the one who one day decided he was going to start blogging, and so he did it.  He thinks the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan is the best series ever made.  Yes, EVER.

Bryant is from Brooklyn, NY.  He’s the brains of this blog, always getting everyone else to think outside the box.  At 6 ‘2″, he plays  a lot of basketball in his spare time–and he’s only thirteen years old.

Monique is from New Jersey, lives in Florida, and is our biggest supporter.  When she’s not walking her dog Daisy, or playing video games, or  cheering for the NY Giants, she always enjoys a good book.

Brandon is from Brooklyn, NY.  He’s the scholar of the group, and the only who has dared to read and understand the depths of James Joyce’s Ulysseus.